Hugo Rocci

Back & Foot Rub - 40 x 30 inches (102 x 76 cm)

Hugo Rocci is a French artist, based in Amsterdam.

The world of today does not contain time to be bored or to wait. It is fast, ongoing, filled with information and screens that tell you what to do or how to be entertained. However, boredom and waiting are the things that fascinate me most. Boredom is exciting. The fact of being stuck somewhere attracts me. It is the only place where imagination, thinking and fantasy can take over.

In my work I am constantly inspired by these topics. Boredom is a subject I try to translate to images, in a way I admire it. In my work I am trying to give more meaning and depth to the idea of waiting. As a medium I make images. It can be a single painting, a lm, a print, or an installation. Depending on my intention and the subject I choose the exact medium.

Dentist — 40 x 30 inches (102 x 76 cm)
Bodega — 40 x 30 inches (102 x 76 cm)